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Herne Bay Ophthalmology Clinic is a joint venture owned and run by a partnership consisting of the GP Practices in Herne Bay and a group of local Ophthalmic Surgeons. On average The Herne Bay Ophthalmology Clinic sees 160 patients per week which adds up to tens of thousands of patients over the last 10 years across all of our services. All of our services are based in the Beltinge and Reculver Surgery.


Services Provided

Cataract Surgery

We commenced cataract surgery back in September 2012 and we have been running a very successful same day surgery service for the last 7 years. On Saturdays patients have a pre-assessment and if suitable we will list for cataract surgery the same day. On Sundays we operate on patients that require second eye surgery. In total, across the weekend we see and operate on up to 48 patients for cataract surgery.

Our success rate is extremely high and we thrive on delivering an efficient, professional and caring service.

cataract surgery


general ophthalmology clinics

General Ophthalmology Clinics (Week days)

We started community Ophthalmology clinics back in July 2009, our weekly clinics consist of seeing approximately 10-15 patients per clinic and we run 3 to 4 clinics a week. All patients are referred in from GP’s or Opticians with various problems, from suspected glaucoma to small lesions on the eye lids. All consultants that work with us in the week also work at East Kent Hospitals. We have one consultant and one nurse working in each clinic.

“Thank you for your kindness, the best treatment I could have had. Thank you so much”


WAMD (Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration)

We commenced WAMD (Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration) clinics in 2018, on average we see 42 patients per clinic. WAMD has no cure. Once diagnosed you have injections to prevent further blood vessels from growing in the eye. Patients are referred into this service from East Kent Hospitals. Once referred to our service we will continue patients follow-up care.

“Over the past few months I have been attending your AMD Clinic. I have been treated with respect and courtesy. Thank you for the excellent service”

WAMD Image


minor ops

Minor-Ops/ Major Ops

We perform minor surgery in our general Ophthalmology Clinics which are small procedures like removing lesions from eye lids. Also once a month we organise a Major-Op list for more complex major plastic cases.


Patient Testimonials

"Wonderful experience, the staff are polite, kind and very professional. We are very lucky to have these facilities so close to our homes.”

“I am always looking forward to my appointment as staff and doctors are very kind and helpful. My treatment in the eye is always painless and without any discomfort. As it is always very good I can only praise staff and doctors.”

The staff are professional and friendly. My visit was stress free.”

“Excellent service throughout”


Contact Details

The Herne Bay Ophthalmology Service

Beltinge and Reculver Surgery
269 Reculver Road
Herne Bay

Tel: 01227 374902 Option 3 (lines are opend 9am til 5pm) 

Email: Ophthal.admin@nhs.net

We have many consultants and Ophthalmic Surgeons that work in each clinic, they are all fully trained Ophthalmologists with years of experience and knowledge.


General Eye Clinics

  • Mr Rashid Zia
  • Mr Hamid Raza
  • Miss Lisa Scoppettuolo
  • Ms Albena Dardzhikovo

Minor-Op/Major- Op

  • Mr Rashid Zia
  • Ms Adeela Malik

Cataract Clinic

  • Mr Rashid Zia
  • Mr Hamid Raza
  • Mr Usman Hussian
  • Mr Idris Haider

WAMD Clinic

  • Mr Afsar Jafree
  • Mr Mohamed Elanwar
  • Ms Eleni Tsolakou
  • Mr Beng Ong
  • Ms Susan Walker

Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO)

What is an ECLO?

An ECLO works closely with medical and nursing staff in the eye clinic, and the sensory team in social services (KAB). They provide those recently diagnosed patients with the practical and emotional support which they need to understand their diagnosis, deal with their sight loss and maintain their independence. Eye clinic staff are often unable to provide the information, emotional and practical support the patient needs in clinic. It can be an emotionally traumatic time for a patient with a new diagnosis, the ECLO service can help provide this essential support when it’s needed most.

ECLO- Steph Scarlett: Mon-Fri 09:00am -16:30pm

If you would like to contact Steph Scarlett then please telephone Beltinge and Reculver Surgery on 01227 374902 (option 3) alternatively you can email Steph on Ophthal.admin@nhs.net

“Thank you for your help in sorting out my ophthalmic problem. You have been most kind